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Dragon Ball Super Episode Subbed


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  • Kenny Thorson

    Listen, there are 5 zamasus (5 timelines, as shown by the time rings
    in universe 10), one died last episode by beerus, two are in trunks’
    future existing as supreme kai (immortal zamasu) and destruction god
    (black goku), and will die soon, the other 2 will show up during the
    omni tournament and fuse together, these are the unseen time line zamasu
    and the prime timeline zamasu.

    this will form an abomination or
    demon god (2 identical kais from alternate timelines fused), and they
    will break the seal to the so called “destroyed” 6 universes which is
    now the sealed off demon realm.

    Most likely this whole thing was a
    giant plan setup long before omni king sealed off the demon realm. I
    bet Dabura was even in on it and wasn’t actually under babidi control.
    Everything down to trunks time traveling was set in motion long ago to
    create a universe unseen by the gods. Which is why time travel is so
    illegal in the god world.

    • Wolfnrun

      Woah…sounds like a lot. I’m sure it’s going to be intense!

    • ….wat

    • Ciprian

      this plot u just write here sounds preety amazing, hope they will just go for it in an amazing way.

    • Soulspeaker

      No because Trunks made on of those rings. maybe 4 but at least 2.

  • Ciprian

    now the wait for 1080p begins

    • Soulspeaker

      What does it take about a week before they put it up and a day before it gets taken down?